CamArch Performance Systems 2014 Archive

Rapid Migration Toolkit Achieves OFSAA Merge Milestone

Posted on October 29th 2014 by CamArch

Our Rapid Migration Toolkit has hit another milestone this month with the addition of new functionality enabling the merge of multiple legacy OFSA instances into a single OFSAA 6.1 solution.

This latest addition to the toolkit provides CamArch with another first. The built-in feature is designed specifically for large legacy customers with many disparate OFSA systems (perhaps located across the globe) to consolidate thier solutions into a single, easier to manage and maintain OFSAA system.

In fact our first trial of this feature on a new customer project is progressing as we speak and is proving its worth already. Find out more here.

EBI Foundation Services 11.0 Delivers High Performance, Fault Tolerant Clustering

Posted on October 21th 2014 by CamArch

CamArch released today a breakthrough in high performance processing for the OFSAA solution. The EBIPlus Foundation Services application delivers in Release 11.0 a new clustering option allowing customers to horizontally scale processing across multiple application servers.

This new feature makes your risk and or performance management system more reliable while at the same time improving performance and reducing infrastructure costs. Best of all, you can implement this feature in a few hours for very little incremental cost over your existing solution. Find out more here.

CamArch Rapid Migration Toolkit 2014 Delivers the 3rd OFSAA Migration This Year

Posted on July 28th 2014 by CamArch

CamArch's OFSAA Rapid Migration Toolkit, developed to facilitate legacy OFSA 4.5 customers migrating to the the OFSAA suite, has delivered its 3rd success story for 2014 (and it's only July!)

Based in North America, this large regional bank, a long time user of the OFSA suite, commenced a project to migrate thier existing profitability solution to OFSAA 6.1. Using our Rapid Migration Toolkit, CamArch Professional Services delivered the migrated solution in just 4 short weeks. This is a remarkable achievement given the legacy data model contained a vast number of customizations many dating back more than 10 years. We continue to improve the Migration Toolkit adding new productivity improving features with every project.

If you are a legacy OFSA user wishing to migrate to OFSAA speak to us today.